About Us

We are Freedom Seekers. Not just in name but in spirit. We seek out those moments in life that set us free. We search tirelessly for that fleeting smile between lovers at the sunset slot around the acoustic stage. We devote ourselves to that bass drop that gets inside your bones and compulsively convulses you. We seek the freedom in a secluded riverside setting and the cramped isolation of a packed out smoky bar.
Freedom is all around. It is what gets you through the mundane. The promise of it and the memories of it drive us all to be more than what we were before and to experience what we have yet to experience. It is the freedom to be whatever we want to be and to do whatever we want to do. Unapologetically and without explanation.

It is found in a chord of your favourite song, in the embrace of a distant friend, in the eyes of a child oblivious to the restraints that bind us.

It is found in you. In your smile, in your embrace, in your song and in your spirit.

Wherever that freedom is, whatever that freedom represents and in whatever form it takes we will seek it out. With passion, with enthusiasm and with love.

We are the Freedom Seekers.

2013-05-02 (139) AfrikaBurn 2013 ~ M1